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Phil Halpern, Executive Advisor

Phil Halpern is a founding member of Phoenix Corp (Mana Colorado) which is focused on both medical and recreational dispensary operations in the Colorado cannabis market with a superstore location slated to open Q3 2020. 

Phil has extensive knowledge and experience within the legal cannabis industry as both a consultant and an owner/operator. In 2009 he formed a partnership to help launch High Grade Alternatives (“HGA”), a vertically-integrated medical cannabis dispensary in Boulder, Colorado. The dispensary quickly developed a reputation for carrying the highest quality and largest selection of medicinal cannabis in the area. Under his leadership, the operation became cash-flow positive within the first (65) days of operations at a time when the patient registry had fewer than 47,000 registered patients statewide.

Utilizing his entrepreneurial and marketing expertise, Mr. Halpern subsequently served as a consultant/advisor to help launch a successful brand of cannabis concentrates.  Phil played a vital role in transforming this small, home based extraction lab in 2010, into one of the premier concentrate producers/processors in Colorado.  710 Labs grew into one of the most popular extraction labs in the state with shelf space in more than 150 medical/retail centers statewide.  The company continues to operate and thrive in Colorado and has since expanded, building a solid presence in the CA recreational market and solidifying their reputation as a top producer of connoisseur-grade extracts.

During his career, Phil has identified, evaluated and advised on more than $50M in transactions in the Colorado cannabis industry. He has had an ownership stake in seven cannabis business licenses over the past decade and is considered a sought-after consultant advising clients on sourcing elite genetics, implementing marketing and promotional strategies, developing loyalty programs for customer retention, and wholesale product brokering.

During the first half of 2020, he coordinated the successful acquisition of a distressed grow facility in Lafayette, Colorado, helping overhaul and transform the garden into a profitable operation in under 120 days, more than doubling monthly flower production.  Today, Phil is the President and Co-owner of PMPCO, LLC which is a cultivator of ultra-premium, boutique cannabis with a focus on rare and exotic genetics from around the world.

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